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Sunday you kissed my neck and when you walked away I felt empty inside.

Monday you couldn’t even be around me so you left without a word.

Tuesday you were on my mind as I picked flowers and I wondered why you were treating me like I was nothing. 

Wednesday I told myself that we would never see each other again but I couldn’t help myself from looking at every biker on the street wondering if it was you.

Thursday I was fine until I saw your name. I sat on the steps where we were 2 months before. Funny how things change. 

Friday I told you I missed you. That’s what 2 bottles of wine does..

Saturday I accepted things as they were and vowed to never get close to anyone ever again.

Sunday  I was okay. I am okay Oh fuck I think I love you. 

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andineedunow: i just discovered your blog, and i just wanted to say that i'm in LOVE with your photos ! well done ! xx

Thank you very much! That’s really sweet. 

31 August 2014     8:43 pm

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